Laser Cutting

Precision Cutting

The precision of laser cutting, as well as the edge quality, speaks for itself, and the levels of complexity that can be achieved in design are equally exceptional.

The smooth, clean edges achieved by laser cutting also reduce contamination in the workplace.

If you have an idea, a longstanding project or an industrial concern that requires very accurate, fine limit laser cutting of sheet metal, then get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

Fast Turnaround

The reliability of laser cutting allows for quick deliveries of orders and the simplification of the supply chain.

The advantages of laser cutting lie in the automated function of the machine – designs can be as straightforward or as complex as required while remaining affordable.

Whether you require the cutting of sheets, holes or more specialist, bespoke designs for any purpose, it has never been more straightforward.


Quality and Reliability

With our high definition laser cutting service, we can realise designs for both practical and aesthetic purposes, for everything from heavy industry to individual hobbyists.

We work on flat and rounded surfaces, allowing you to custom design things like piping to pinpoint specifications, as well as providing sheet metal for small and large projects alike.

Our work can be seen in museum display cases around the world, in some of the latest blockbuster movies as well more mundane places such as point-of-sale shelving and gym lockers.

Why Choose B&Z Metalcraft?

At B&Z Metalcraft we have more than 35 years’ experience in fine limit sheet metal work and laser cutting. From our 15,000 square foot factory we can provide a comprehensive service no matter how difficult your project. Our reputation has been built on our exceptional customer service and you can rely on us to meet your requirements, on time every time.

To find out more about how we can help you please contact us on 01525 373 018.